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Gåbarr Plus med tiltfunktion, 3m

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Gåbarr Plus med tiltfunktion
Gåbarr med lackad stålram och en platta av trä täckt med vattentålig laminat.
Handtagen är tillverkade i termoplast med antihalkyta. Höjd justeras
genom ett enkelt fottryck med hjälp av gaskolv. Justerbar i bredd. Gåbarren kan även vinklas -0 +10 grader. Detta görs enkelt med hjälp av servoassisterad gaskolv.

It is a 3-meter long parallel bar system used for physical and rehabilitative training activity. It’s made up of painted steel framework and a wooden-laminated, wearproof footboard provided with access ramp. The adjustable handrails are in thermoplastic and non-slip material. All parts can easily be washed. The handrails’ height can be adjusted between 74 and 102 cm, making it suitable for adult users. The inclination of the platform can be changed from 0° to +10° degrees by using a manual control.

These parallel bars can be adjusted in height with the innovative “STandGOSystemTM”, which allows immediate adaptation to the build of the user – both adults and children. The height of the handrails can also be modified during rehabilitation as well as the distance between the handrails.

Thermoplastic modules or bags can be used on the footboard to create specific therapeutic rehabilitation walkpaths.

The modularity allows creating parallel bar systems of the desired length by removing the access flights from the joining side. Thermoplastic modules or bags can be used to create specific therapeutic rehabilitation walkpaths.s.


Max dimensions (cm):  311 x 81 x 108 H
Handrail height adjustment system:
STandGO™, double gas sprint
Min – max handrail height (cm):
74 ÷ 102
Handrail width adjustment system:
Manual, 3 positions available
Handrail width min – max (cm):
55 ÷ 71
Footboard inclination adjustment:
Manual, gas-assisted
Footboard inclination (degrees):
Max 10°
Maximum load for inclined footboard (kg):
Individual handrail loadbearing capacity (Kg):
Modularity (combination of more parallel bars): 
removable access slide
Weight (Kg):

Vikt30000 g
Dimensioner200 cm
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